Water Treatment

Partridge Well Drilling has been serving the Jacksonville and North Florida area for over 120 years. We are your water treatment experts and offer a variety of water treatment options for residential and commercial businesses.

We carry a full line of water treatment systems and services, including Water Softeners, Chlorination / Dechlorination systems, and Aeration Systems.

Water Softeners

water system using a variable speed 22SQE submersible pump, a hydrogen peroxide system and a water softener

Water system using a variable speed 22SQE submersible pump, a hydrogen peroxide system and a water softener

Water softeners are installed to remove the hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) and iron from the water. These minerals can form a scale and will cause problems in plumbing systems, water heaters, coffee makers, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. The iron is what sometimes causes the orange or reddish stains concrete and sides of houses. Water softening systems range in size and need to be installed to accommodate the requirements of the household. This system requires having only one pump, one tank, and water softener tank, brine tank and an area for the system to drain after the regeneration process is completed.
Chlorination / DeChlorination Systems

A chlorination/dechlorination is one type of system installed to remove the smell for the water mainly from artesian wells. The odor is known as sulphur and can be described as a rotten egg smell. This system uses chlorine being injected into the water system as the pump runs. The water and chlorine mixture goes into a retention tank, where the chlorine has contact time with the sulphur gas. As water is used in the house the water is then passed through a carbon filter that removes the chlorine from the water. This system requires having only one pump and one tank, a chlorine injection pump, a retention tank, and a carbon filter.
Aeration Systems

The aeration system is another system installed to remove the smell from the water, once again mainly from artesian wells. This system uses two pumps, two tanks and an aerator, which is normally a 225-gallon tank with holes at the top for the gas to escape. The well pump pumps water into the aerator through spray heads at a high pressure and volume, which allows the most of, the sulphur gas to be expelled into the air. What little bit of sulphur is left is expelled from the water as it sits in the aerator for a period of time. The well pump also is used for any irrigation that is needed. The house pump then pulls the aerated water from the aerator and supplies the house with water.