Faqs / Q: Why do you have to dig pits in my yard?

Sediment Pits

A:  Part of the drilling process includes removing cuttings from the borehole we drill during well construction.  To contain & dispose of the cuttings we usually dig two pits beside the drilling rig.  These pits vary in size based on well size & depth.  Generally they are +/- 3ft wide x 6ft long x 4ft deep.  Drilling fluid is circulated through the pits where the cuttings settle out and the drilling fluid is reused.  We will cover the pits when the well is complete.  The cuttings are natural material that was drilled out of the earth.  For a period of time the covered pits will be soft.  In time they will firm up and you will not know they were there.


Above ground tubs

Above ground tubs

If you do not want pits dug in your yard there is a solution.  We can use portable above grade pits instead of digging the pits.  When we use the above ground pits we also bring a vacuum tank to remove all of the drill cuttings and fluid from your yard.  This does require an additional crew member, an additional truck, the vacuum tank to dispose of fluid and drill cuttings off site, therefore there is a charge for this service.  We will be glad to price this service for you upon request.

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