Workforce & Equipment


Our employees are the most important resource that allows us to achieve our goals. We provide the most qualified personnel in the industry. Our employees average over fifteen years of employment with our firm.

The experience of our employees and versatility of our equipment enables Partridge Well Drilling Company, Inc. to provide any type of drilling, septic work, pump/water treatment service or installation, sampling, development and/or testing that may be required.  


Drilling, pumping, and septic equipment:

One of two of our smallest water well Drillmax rigs

  • 2009 Drillmax 2500 Well Drill
  • 2009 Drillmaster 450 Well Drill
  • 2001 Drillmaster 400 Well Drill
  • 2000 Drillmaster 400 Well Drill
  • 2002 Drillmaster 400 Well Drill
  • 2017 Drillmaster 350 Well Drill
  • 2004 Drillmax 250 Well Drill
  • 2015 Drillmax 250 Well Drill
  • 2003 Geoprobe 66T10 Well DrillSome of PWD's rigs
  • 2016 Geoprobe 7822DT Well Drill
  • 1999 Rebuilt Ministar Well Drill
  • (3) Pump Hoist Service Trcuks
  • (8) Pump/Septic Service Trucks
  • (2) Vermeer Vacuums & Trailers
  • Laval Down-hole Well Camera
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Jet Pumps
  • Turbine Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • 4 Wheel Drive John Deere Backhoes
  • Eager Beaver Tandem Axle Dual Wheel Trailers

2018 Pump Department Fleet

We have the equipment and skills to handle any job, from drilling, to septic and pump services, to aquifer tests. We will even build the road if that’s what it takes