Water Well Drilling

The premier water well drilling company in Jacksonville, Partridge Well Drilling was established in 1892 and we have been serving the North Florida area for over 120 years.

PWD in downtown Jacksonville Fl.

PWD in downtown Jacksonville Fl in the early 60’s

We have constructed several thousand residential water wells and commercial water wells  for many different uses, including water for domestic use, agricultural use, industrial use, irrigation, public supply, geothermal use, environmental investigations, and aquifer performance tests.

Types of Water Wells

There are a lot of factors involved in the drilling of a water well. Whether it is a deep well or a shallow well, it is a complex and difficult process that

should only be attempted by a licensed professionals with the right equipment and ample experience. Drill rods can weigh several tons, different types of geological formations require different types of drill bits, many other factors contribute. An inexperienced driller can set your project back time and time again. Well diameters range from 1″ to 30″ and to depths of 1500 feet.

There are four basic types of water wells that we drill:

Merritt Partridge

Well Abandonment

We also provided well abandonment/plugging services. To properly and legally abandon a water well it must be done by a licensed water well contractor.


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